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Whether it's Pokemon or Dragon Ball, your favourite Licence is bound to be here. Here you will find real Japanese figurines from your favorite manga and anime. The question is how you'll get your favorite items: in a Pokemon Booster Pack, a Ichiban Kuji for DBZ...?

Thanks to our dedicated and expert team in the field, choose in an enlightened way the figurines of your dreams. Their authenticity is no longer to be proven: All our Boxes and Figures comes from shops in Tokyo and are therefore shipped from Japan.

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From Fan to Collector : Are you A Charizard or Sagohan Otaku?

In Japan, the manga, anime, TCG culture is at such a stage that you can see Pikachu parades or Sangoku Café. And today, this culture is brought directly to your doorstep through the Official Dragon Ball Super Figures that are only distributed in the land of the rising sun.

One thing that most Pokémon card collectors are often stuck with is that the official Japanese site for the license only delivers to Japan. It's getting harder and harder to get the rare and exclusive cards that are only distributed there, but we're here for you.

It's simple, all the products we distribute are directly bought in the official shops, before being delivered to you. Here, it's guaranteed, you'll be able to enjoy the latest products before anyone else, if one day they even reach your city?!

The shipment is made within 48h from Tokyo, with a tracking number by Japan Post, so you can keep track of your package.

Nippon Mania takes care of everything

You're in good hands here. If you don't know us yet, we look forward to getting to know you and your relationship to the wonderful world of Pokémon and DBZ.

We're based in Tokyo for a bunch of years. Our team is made up of nothing but big fans of the anime, and you can't imagine how excited we were when we arrived in the land of the rising sun.

Little by little, together, we have developed a small family that we take great care of: if you have a question about anything, our customer service will answer you with everything you need at Enjoy your shopping :)