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      4 products

      How do I store Pokémon cards in a Binder?

      It's time for you to have your first Pokémon Binder to store your best cards in, but there are so many that it's hard to find the perfect arrangement! No worries, we'll give you some ideas for storing your Charizard, Pikachu, Squirtle and all the rest.

      Sort by Pokémon Generation and Number

      The simplest and most common among collectors is to classify by number (or by age): don't worry, there is no need to know the hundreds of Pokémon by heart for each generation. On some cards, under the main image you will be able to find the number of the Pokémon, which already helps a lot. Otherwise, you can simply look at any Pokédex online to get the information you need. Remember to leave some room in case you come across a holographic version of a card you already have! If you have duplicates, you can always keep them safe in a Pokémon Card Sleeves.

      Sort by rarity

      Each Pokémon card has a certain level of rarity, which you can find at the bottom right of the card, according to 3 levels: common with a black circle, uncommon with a black diamond and finally a black star for the rare ones. But if you're a connoisseur, you already know, there are a lot more levels of rarity among this last category.

      You can store your cards in your Pokémon Binder by separating the Pokémon GX, V, Vmax and EX Cards from the rest which are much more classic. The ideal when you open a binder, is to discover the cards from the most common to the rarest: keep your half art and half body well for the end, followed by full art and full body.

      Then you might be lucky enough to have the rarest of all: rainbow rare, secret rare, and the promo. In this case, you can put them why not at the very beginning, to see the masterpieces as soon as you open your Pokémon Binder!

      Sort by item

      Well, we're not going to lie to each other, you surely have a PACKAGE of energies to no longer know what to do with it, especially if you don't play in TCG competition. You can start by separating these from your other Pokémon cards, and start grouping between fire, water, lightning, ... Then you can draw them according to the two other solutions seen above: by rarity, with the Pokémon Vmax or GX Cards towards the end, or by number with the most recent at the end of the workbook.

      For all the abandoned cards like doubles or energy cards, you can keep them safe in a Card Box Pokémon or Pokémon card protectors, this will avoid letting them collect dust, and it will be kept in perfect condition if you want to exchange them with another collector.

      How to make a binder for Pokémon Card?

      Maybe you want to make your own Pokémon binder for your rarest cards! Although it is not an easy task, we will try to help you as we can! You will need specific sheets, dividers to customize and of course, a binder.

      First of all, we recommend that you buy Pokémon workbook sheets rather than making them yourself: Pokémon cards do not correspond to any classic size so apart from official products, you will be unlikely to find any and it will be very complicated to do them yourself. Be careful, the number of holes on the sheet must correspond well to the rings in the Pokémon binder, some have 4, others 3 and sometimes even two.

      Then prepare special dividers where you can color on them. If you have an artistic soul, you can draw your own Pokémon (fan-art) to separate your cards with great style! Otherwise, you can take a classic interlayer and print your favorite Pokémon, before sticking it on with a specific glue.

      Finally, the binder itself must be super resistant, and preferably cardboard. It's a topic that can be very customizable! You can print images or drawings from the latest generation of Pokémon (Sun and Moon or Sword and Shield), and paste them on the front and back of the binder. If you have a printer that can make Pokémon stickers for you, it will be even better and easier!

      Best solution to classify your cards

      What we recommend is above all to have a Pokémon binder directly imported from Japan: it's exclusive, very few people in France are lucky enough to have one, and they are specially designed for them. latest Pokémon cards! You can get them here, depending on availability and stock: they are sent directly by our team from Tokyo.

      These are always delivered with separator sheets and storage sheets: no need to go searching for hours on the internet to find the best possible arrangement, they are already all ready. In addition to that, Pokémon comes out of binders regularly by generation: if you have Pokémon Sword and Shield Booster, there is surely a binder for them!

      Obviously, the best thing is to classify your cards according to your personal desires: we, we have simply kept the ones that we find the most beautiful in a limited edition binder, the rest is wisely kept in a case.