Pokémon Booster Box

      47 products

      47 products

      Which Pokémon Booster Box to choose?

      If you are a collector looking for the rare card among the latest editions, you will need to orient yourself towards the Sword and Shield Display. These are the last to be released, but the Pokémon Sun and Moon editions are still up and running, especially if you also want to go up against other trainers with cards that have specific mechanics in TCG combat.

      In case you are looking for a very specific card of a Pokémon Display that is no longer on sale in Japan (sold before 2018) or anywhere else in the world, you will need to reach to a store specializing in the resale of products from the Pokémon.

      How many cards are there in a Pokémon Booster Box?

      In a Pokémon Display, there are 30 packages. Depending on the edition, this can vary: although most have 30, some will only have 20, and others 15. This is due to the limited editions which may contain more cards or are drawn fewer. of copies than the classics.

      A deck of Pokémon cards in Japan contains 5 cards, sometimes 7. We can do a quick math trick (you should be able to follow us, it's not very complicated!), Number of cards by number of decks, and we get to total of 150 cards in a classic display of playing or collecting cards.

      How much does a Pokémon Display cost?

      The prices of a Display will vary depending on the origin of the country, its rarity and the number of Boosters inside it. A Pokémon Display will generally cost around € 180, if we consider that it contains 30 packs of 10 cards, in France (general public price, in specialized stores or supermarkets).

      Here we send Pokémon cards directly from Japan to you - they're cheaper, exclusive and unique. A Display will cost between € 70 and € 150, depending on the edition again. The advantage is that you can more easily select your cards, and have the ones of your dreams even more simply!

      Find your favorite Pokémon card

      It is sometimes very complicated to find the card of your dreams with a simple Pokémon Booster, because you will have to buy a lot of them and especially search for hours to find the Pokémon GX Card or Pokémon Vmax Card that you want.

      The Booster is a solution for you, especially those which are directly imported from Japan. For the record, in France, the Pokémon editions are a grouping of two editions in Japan. If you know the card you want, with Japanese Display or Booster, you will have twice the chances of hitting the right one!

      But other solutions are available to you depending on what you are looking for ....

      The rarest cards? A Pokémon Booster

      As you can see above, there are usually 30 packages in a Display, this is where you will have the holographic or full art cards that you are looking for, but you will have to make as many openings as possible to find it.

      A specific card? A Deck or Box

      If the Pokémon V or rare card you're looking for is guaranteed to be available in a Pokémon Deck, you can opt for these! In addition, your deck will be fully combat ready if you play TCG matches: they are often inspired by champions or arenas in the universe.

      Pokémon Boxes are also a solution, because they bring rare and exclusive cards, in addition to everything else: a play mat, card protectors, cases, ... it is often prized by collectors, but also by the great card players!

      Small budget with big desire? A Pokémon Booster

      The last option is the Pokémon Booster, individually. This is often for those who want to put their luck on a small amount of cards, but you can always stumble upon one that is overkill.