Pokémon Booster Pack

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      55 products

      Which Pokemon Booster Pack to buy?

      Depending on the cards you're looking for, the type of Pokemon Booster Pack will be different, especially in the year of release. For Pokemon GX card lovers, you'll have to opt for Sword and Shield or Sun and Moon Booster Packs. For collectors of old editions, you will often have to go and find Pokemon Booster Packs on resale websites as they are often no longer available for sale in shops.

      If you really want to collect the latest exclusives and find the rare holographic Pokemon cards, you'll have to go for the latest Booster Packs available. The cards are randomly put into the packs and no Booster Pack has a better chance of getting a specific card than another, otherwise it would be too easy!

      Of course, check in advance if you're looking for a specific rare card, as some are only available in certain editions. The Pokemon fan sites will be able to tell you which set to buy and what the odds are of getting your exclusive holo card.  

      How many cards are in a Pokemon Booster Pack?

      Depending on the Pokemon Booster Pack purchased, the number of cards may vary. The majority will contain 10 cards, with a few exceptions at 9 or 11 cards. In specific packs, there will sometimes be 5 Pokemon Cards, but this is relatively rare, as they are often reissues or limited editions.

      Very often, people will prefer to buy Pokemon Boosters in packs of 5 or 6, in order to have a little more chance of finding the Holographic Card of their choice, especially on the latest Sword and Shield generations. This allows you to have about 60 cards and form a Pokemon Deck ready to use for TCG matches!

      If you want to have more cards at once, you can opt for a Pokemon Booster Box that will contain between 10 and 30 Boosters at a time, and sometimes even with an exclusive and super rare card, what more could you ask for?

      Composition of a Booster Pack

      In a typical pack of Pokémon GX Cards, there will be three main categories of cards, which are sorted by rarity. They are randomly added to the deck, each with a different percentage chance of being obtained.

      • 6 common cards
      • 3 uncommon cards
      • 1 rare Card
      • 1 premium Card (sometimes, as a bonus)

      What you'll be most interested in is the rare card, as you can imagine. There will always be a guaranteed one in your deck, but you can never know in advance if it will have a specific design that makes it valuable to collectors.

      Pokémon Card Rarity

      If you're a Pokemon fan who collects cards and searches for hours and hours for the rare card that will make you a confirmed TCG collector, you'll need to know the rarity orders of the cards before you can store them in your Pokemon Binder. You'll need to know the rarity orders of the cards before you know where to put them in your Pokémon Binder. 

      Even if you don't collect at all (or not yet), it's always good to know how sought-after our cards are: the more valuable they are, the more likely you are to find someone to trade them with!

      Common, Uncommon and Rare

      These are the Pokemon cards you'll often get in bulk, and they're really not that hard to figure out, at least for the first 2 categories (we'll come back to the rare ones right after!). They are marked at the bottom right of the card, with:

        • A black circle for the common ones
        • A black diamond for the uncommon ones
        • A black star for the rare ones

      Holo Rare

      Pokemon Holo Rare cards have a shiny image, which differentiates them from a classic rare card. For the record, they were among the first cards that made collectors want to have them all!

      Reverse Holo

      Just like the cards above, the Reverse Holo cards have a shiny part, but this time it's not the design! It is the outline of the card that contains the text. 

      EX, GX, V Half Art / Half Body

      These are the ones that everyone wants to have in their latest Pokémon booster. They can be recognized by the design that fills at least the majority of the card and by a specific name.

      They are considered Ultra Rares with unique mechanics. If you come across one like this, make sure you keep it in excellent condition with a Card Sleeve!

      Full Art / Full Body

      A variation of the above cards, but this time with the design on the entire card. It's sometimes difficult to read attacks on the Pokemon Card, but it's also for the benefit of our eyes.

      Secret Rare

      These cards are the holy grail of collectors: they are the rarest of all. You can tell by the number in the bottom left corner of the card. If for example you see something like "115/113", it is one of the most expensive cards on the market.

      Rainbow Rare

      These are also considered Ultra Rare Pokémon Cards, and have been distributed very rarely since the release of Sun and Moon. They are considered to be among the most expensive as well.

      Vmax et Tag Team

      Special mention for these cards, which have their own rarity category since the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield Booster Packs with very specific battle mechanics like Mega Evolutions.


      Next to the black star in the lower right corner, you can sometimes see the note "Promo". This card was given out at a specific Event such as the opening of a Pokémon shop or a Pokémon TCG Card Championship. 

      So now you know all about Pokémon Booster Pack, and even if you need more info, we're always here for you: we'll always give Pokemon fans like us as much time as possible!