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      What does a Pokémon Card Protector pack contain?

      In a Pokémon Card Sleeve Pack, there are 64 pockets to store your Pokémon cards and protect them from dust and scratches. Each product has an exclusive design based on a specific Pokémon that could range from Generation 1 to Sword and Shield to Sun and Moon..

      Depending on the collaborations in progress, the drawing may be very specific to a specific Pokémon (Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, ...) or a particular style (Pokémon X Anna Sui). In Japan, collabs of this kind are very regular and appreciated, that said, they quickly fall out of stock!

      Where to store your Pokémon Cards?

      Once your cards are well protected in your Pokémon pockets, you will have to sort them in order to find your way around and be able to take them out at any time: we are never safe from a TCG fight!

      The best is to have a Pokemon Case (enough to store at least 180 cards!) That matches the design of the card protector, but if you are more of the type to group everything together in the same basket, we advise you to orient yourself to the Pokémon Storage, which can hold many more cards."