Pokemon Cards 20th Anniversary (CP6)

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The 20-year Pokémon TCG collection that will allow you to get your dose of nostalgia without having to break the bank!

Find here all the maps from the CP6 expansion released in 2016 in Japan.

What is special about the CP6 cards?

 Released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) license, the CP6 collection released on September 16th in Japan pays homage to the very first cards released by reusing the artwork and design of the base set.

This series was a real success as it allowed fans to indulge in the cards of their childhood without having to break the bank by buying the basic set.

How can you tell the difference between the cards in the base set and the CP6 collection?

 Since these two sets share the same artwork and design, it's normal to wonder how you can tell them apart, but don't worry: it's very easy to tell the difference!

The front side is indeed identical but the back side is not. The CP6 cards don't have the old school design on the back that the wizards have but the current one. So you just have to turn the card over to see the difference.

Reasons for the popularity of Pokémon CP6 cards

Like most promotional boosters, the CP6 collection has an exclusive, time-limited feel to it which makes it very attractive to fans of the Japanese license.

In addition, it pays tribute to the very first cards that were released in 1996, allowing collectors to display them at a discounted price, as the cards in the base set can reach very high prices, such as the very famous first edition Charizard.

This collection is perfect and more accessible for all TCG fans who want to have fun with their childhood cards and bring back memories from the playground.

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