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Introduced with the TCG Sun and Moon expansion, GX cards have shaped the way fans of the Pokémon collectible card license play.

As well as having powerful attacks, these cards have incredible artwork for all collectors to enjoy! Will you be able to resist the temptation of these magnificent cards that are just waiting to find a place in your collection? 

Released in early December 2017 in Japan, the TCG Sun and Moon expansion introduced a game mode that changed the Pokémon playing card meta forever. They can be placed directly on the field and are supposed to represent the Z attacks of the Alola region, notably with the special GX attacks which, as in the games, can only be used once per battle: a devastating attack to be used at the right moment to tip the battle in your favour.

What are the Pokémon GX cards like?

GX cards have a higher hit point and attack than normal cards but should be played with caution as they will give you two rewards for knocking out. They are quite similar to the Team Tag GX cards (released later in the same expansion) which also have a GX attack but much higher HP and Damage (but in case of a knockout your opponent will get three rewards).

As for the illustration, the Pokémon is represented on the whole card like the full art of the previous generations or like the V cards of the next expansion: Sword and Shield.

How are Pokémon cards delivered to my home?

Like you, we collect Pokémon cards, and we are well aware of the value of these cards. All cards will be sent in a sleeve, enclosed in a top loader (plastic box). In addition, they will be wrapped in bubble wrap, and shipped in a bubble envelope or special cardboard box.

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