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When was the VMAX CLIMAX (S8b) series released?

The Vmax Climax series of Pokémon was released on December 5, 2021 in Japan. It's the last series of 2021, and what a hell of a series : likewise the Shiny Star V Pokémon Booster Box, the Booster packs contains 11 cards!

How many cards are there in the VMAX CLIMAX series?

There are a total of 285 collectible cards in this series. A feast when you take into consideration the number of Secret Rare cards, plus a hundred Full Art cards, all as beautiful as the Pokémon Sun and Moon Dream League Booster Box cards!

What are the reasons for the success of this edition?

Obviously, it's already a mythical edition : it's the last series of 2021, the year of the 25-year-old Booster Box release. Also, the number of cards, as well as their graphic qualities makes it a Booster Box among the like of (if not better than!)  the Shiny Star V. Don't you think so?

No one is left over, with all the unique cards that have been the favorite choices of both players and collectors!