Pokemon Theme Deck

      30 products

      30 products

      What is in a Pokemon Theme Deck?

      In a Pokemon Theme Deck, there are a total of 60 cards. It can contain duplicates, but will usually be built around:

      • 20 Pokemon Cards
      • 30 Trainer Cards
      • 10 Energy Cards
      • 1 Exclusive GX Card

      Depending on the deck type, the exclusive GX Pokémon Card is not always included.

      Depending on the Deck you buy, you may get more than just a pack of TCG Cards. They often come with several TCG accessories such as state markers, dices, a rulebook, a playmat and, sometimes, a case to protect your card! If you don't get enough cases in the packs, you can always get Pokemon Card Protectors individually.

      Should you get lucky, you will find some Rare Pokemon Cards, exclusive to the purchased deck, like Pokemon GX, overpowered in your TGC plays.

      The principal avantage of a deck is that it is ready to use if you want to quickly battle with other Pokemon Masters on both non-professional or competitive plays. A Pokemon Deck is often based on characters from the animation movie, so that the card it holds correspond to the pokemon of a specific trainer. The most experienced will use multiple Decks of Cards to build their own composition !


      How to build a Pokemon Deck ?

      To do so, you will most likely need an extend choice of cards and a sound knowledge of the Pokemon TCG universe. There is various combinations, but you have to take into account the different types of Decks. Should you want to play a specific monster, you will have to add enough of the related Trainers and Eneregy cards to sustain your beloved Pokemon's actions in combat. To do so within the Deck's limitation, Pokemon Masters usually choose 2 to 4 types of pokemon per Deck.

      There is two main styles of TCG decks :

      The Basic Pokemon Deck

      To build your Basic Pokemon Deck you will need to choose from 10 to 14 Pokemons. You can select few different types since you will have enough space to add the Trainers and Energy required to unleash your Pokemon's strenght. A Basic Deck is not a weak Deck ! It relly on startegic use of your selected Pokemon and regular strikes.

      The Evolution Pokemon Deck

      Within the Evolution Deck, we will usually add more Pokemon : from 16 to 20 cards. This leave less space for Trainers and Energy Cards but allows to include Evolutions of your favorite Pokemons. Those decks are usually build on 1 or 2 Pokemon types and rely on Powerful Pokemon strikes to defeat your opponent. The GX Pokemon Cards are really useful here as they will make your Deck a powerful and deadly composition!

      Which Pokemon Deck should I choose ?

      Experienced players will select their Deck regarding the Cards they miss for their composition and strategies. For begginers, the important thing is to select the Decks that inspire you or have a chance to hold the Pokemon you like. Only Cards from specific Decks are allowed in professional tournaments, challengers will know which serie to buy, but usually, they latest release are powerfull and accepted. As of now Sun and Moon or Sword and Shield Decks are the most relevant choices.

      There is of course the solution to purchase an already prepared Deck and feature it to your needs with additional Cards. The only rule is to stay within the allowed number of Cards of your turnament (usually from 40 to 60).
      To improve your current Deck by adding new cards you can try your luck and acquire the Pokemon of your dream in Pokemon Boosters.