Rare Pokemon Cards

765 products

765 products

We have a full line of Pokémon Trading Cards featuring Holographics, Shiny, PROMO, Wizard, Edition 1 and more!

We have one of the largest selections of Japanese Pokémon cards. Only 100% genuine Pokémon cards are sold here. In MINT CONDITION, in other words new condition or NEAR MINT, almost new (for older Pokémon cards). The newest and most popular Pokémon cards are always available.

Where do the Pokémon cards sold individually come from?

All of our products come directly from Japan, Tokyo to be more precise. We have forged links with small shops in Tokyo, in the shops of Akihabara, Shibuya and Nakano. With our friends, owners of these points of sale, we have all the choice of the world, of all years, of all blocks and of all generations.

How are Pokémon cards delivered to your home?

Like you, we collect Pokémon cards, and we are well aware of the value of these cards. All cards will be sent in a sleeve (card protector), enclosed in a top loader (plastic box). In addition they will be wrapped in bubble wrap, all this shipped in a bubble envelope or tailored packaging.

A passion to collect 

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) is one of the greatest collectible card games of all time! Since 1996, this game has won over children and adults from Japan to France and Europe, and around the world, with colorful and collectable "Pocket Monsters" (Poke-mon). For more than 25 years now these monsters with yellow borders have invaded the world. Collectors and gamers can get in on the action in this great game. Catch them all!

If we no longer have the cards you are looking for, contact us by email or in the live chat. You will then be automatically notified when we have replenished one of these cards.

We also have a large amount of Pokémon Booster, Display, Box, Deck, and more! So if you're looking for gift ideas, rare Pokémon EX or GX cards if you're trying to complete your workbooks or just trying to update your Pokémon card collection, we'll strive to be your # 1 source in line for Pokémon. Your turn to have a Pikachu, Mew, Mewtwo or the famous Charizard Holo. What's your favorite card?