Pokemon Booster Pack : Discovery Pack

Pokemon Booster Pack : Discovery Pack

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Don't know where to start in the Japanese Pokémon Boosters? We made the dedicated Discovery Pack for this occasion! :)

In this pack, we offer an assortment of different boosters to find out which series might interest you the most, whether it's in the drawing, the collection, or to fall back into the Pokémon games of the playground.

3 options are available to you, yes, there is something for everyone!

The Classic Discovery Pack

It will contain 10 different Japanese Boosters. They are drawn at random from our stock, and if you wish to have more of the same collection once you have opened it all, you can find them individually or in a display on our website.

The XL Discovery Pack

This one is a package that will consist of not 10 but 20 different Boosters! They are all Japanese of course, but with this pack, you will be able to discover almost the whole range that is currently available in Japan

The Collector Discovery Pack

This is a big one: it's a pack with 30 different boosters.

  • Official Japanese Cards
  • Shipped from Japan in 0-72h
  • The Classic Discovery pack contains 10 Different Boosters
  • The XL Discovery pack contains 20 Different Boosters
  • The Collector Discovery pack contains 30 Different Boosters

List of randomly drawn boosters for the discovery packs:

  • GG End
  • Full Metal Wall
  • Sky Legend
  • Dark Order
  • Silver Lance
  • Ultra Sun
  • Shield
  • Sword
  • Explosion Walker
  • Vmax Rising
  • Rebel Clash
  • Unified Minds
  • Shinkai Spark
  • Night Unison
  • Rengeki
  • Forbidden Light
  • Fairy Rise
  • Raven Geist
  • Legendary Heartbeat
  • Darkness Ablaze
  • Cosmic Eclipse
  • Remix Bout
  • Champion Road
  • Unbroken Bonds
  • Twin Fighter
  • Astonishing Voltecker
  • Detective Pikachu
  • Eevee Heroes
  • Blue Sky Stream
  • Skyscraping Perfect