Pokemon Booster Pack : Japanese 20th Anniversary

Pokemon Booster Pack : Japanese 20th Anniversary

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Pokemon Evolutions "20th Anniversary" CP6 - 1st Edition.
A unique chance to experience a piece of Pokemon history!

The "CP 6" set was released in 2016 for the 20th anniversary of Pokémon. Known in the West as 'Generations', this is a new edition of the very first 'Pokemon Core Set'. featuring the iconic 1st generation artwork.

Shortly after this set was launched, production was halted, making the special “20th Anniversary” set an instant collectible. "CP6" has now enjoyed absolute cult status in Japan and abroad, the packs are part of every well-stocked collection. And you, can you add this relic to your own collection?
  • Release date: 16 September 2016
  • Shipped from Japan in 24-72h
  • Japanese Official Cards
  • 10 cards per pack