Pokemon Set Sword & Shield Eeveelution

Pokemon Set Sword & Shield Eeveelution

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It's the most awaited set of the year: the Eeveelution set is finally available and you can get your hands on it!

As of May 28, Pokémon will begin shipping this beautiful boxed set that contains 2 displays, accessories to protect the cards and a beautiful Espeon promo card.

The Eevee Heroes Eeveelution box set is already shaping up to be a classic of the collection, just like the Kanazawa or Koko the Movie box sets: you really shouldn't miss it!

  • Release date: May 28, 2021
  • Shipped from Japan in 72h
  • Official Japanese Cards
  • Reference number:  4521329322407
  • Expansion Pack S6a
  • Includes 2 Display Eevee Heroes, 1 card Espeon Vmax Promo, 1 case and 1 pack of card covers.

Purchase limit per person on the product from 5 to 12 June 2021

Because Eevee Heroes products are in such high demand, we try to limit the purchase of this product in terms of quantity per person.

It is entirely possible to order more than the quantity listed below, but we cannot guarantee 100% delivery within 72 hours.

If you decide to buy more than:

  • 30 Boosters
  • 2 Displays
  • 1 Eeveelution Box Set
  • 2 Vmax Special Sets

at once, it is possible that your order will be shipped late (maximum 7 days). We do this in order to satisfy as many people as possible at the same time, rather than leaving room for people who want to buy a large part of the stock in bulk.

Thank you for your understanding! :)