Pokemon Sword and Shield Booster Pack : Climax Vmax

Pokemon Sword and Shield Booster Pack : Climax Vmax

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The Pokémon Sun & Moon Climax Vmax Booster Pack featuring 11 cards, is filled with Secret Rare Full Art Cards and ready to be released this December!

The secret rare cards in this 11 cards Pokémon Booster Pack are Rare Pokémon crads. Originally introduced in the 2019 Dream League Booster Box, those are full art cards featuring a trainer of the Pokemon world in its artwork.

The set will also introduce a new rarity called "Character Super Rare" a.k.a CSR at the bottom left of the cards, as for+the Pikachu VMAX. As we previously revealed on Twitter, the main set will contain 184 cards.

We can't wait for the new visual of Duraludon VMAX and Rayquaza VMAX, and hope that other Pokemon will also benefit from a rework! As indicated above, this Pokémon Climax Vmax Booster Pack will exceptionally bear 11 CARDS !

  • Release date: December 3th, 2021
  • Shipped from Japan within 72h
  • Official Sealed Japanese Cards
  • SM8b Expansion Pack
  • 11 cards per Booster Pack