Pokémon Sun & Moon Booster Pack : Thunderclap Spark

Pokémon Sun & Moon Booster Pack : Thunderclap Spark

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Based on the Full Art map of Zeraora GX, the Pokémon Sun and Moon Shinrai Spark Booster comes to electrify the TCG Pokémon world strategy

A Pokémon that marked its generation, and to such an extent that it even got its own booster, available only in Japan. We're talking about exclusivity, strategy, collection, design, and especially an Ultra-rare Pokémon GX Card that can be a game-changer in a TCG fight.

You can find several other powerful cards in the Pokémon Sun and Moon Thunderclap Spark Boosters, a.k.a Shinrai Spark, such as Volcaropod GX, Genesect GX or Viridium GX. If you want our opinion on the strategies and attacks of these Pokémon Cards, we let you take a look a little lower!

  • Release date: July 6, 2018
  • Shipped from Japan in 72 hours
  • Japanese Official Cards
  • Reference number 4521329226514
  • SM7a Pack d'extension
  • 5 cards per pack

Zeraora GX card

3 points will define this card, the "Jinrai Zone" characteristic will mean that by having Zeraora GX in play, all Pokémon with lightning energy will have no energy to sneak in! "Plasma Fist" will inflict 160 damage with 3 energies, as well as "Full Voltage GX" which will allow you to strengthen the Pokémon on the ground and you can also freely attach 5 basic energies in the trash box.

Virizion GX Card

"Double Draw" will allow you to draw 2 cards from your deck. Accompanied by "Sentient Blade," an attack that deals 130 damage when used with support. Finally, with "Breeze Away GX" you can return as many Pokémon cards from your field to your hand as you want.

Magcargo GX Card

"Crash Charge" will allow you to throw a card from your deck and attach it to your Pokémon if that card has base energy. The "Yoganryu" attack inflicts 50 damage on the number of destroyed energies! That is to say 200 damage if you destroy 3 cards at the same time. The GX attack "Magban GX" causes you to get rid of 5 cards from the top of your opponent's deck.

Genesect GX Card

Its characteristic "Double Cassette" will allow you to attach up to 2 new Pokémon, as for "Break Buster GX", this powerful attack will cause 190 damage.