Booster Pokémon Soleil et Lune Necrozma

Pokémon Sun & Moon Booster Pack: Ultra Prism

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A Legendary Pack featuring both forms of Necrozma GX arrives with Pokémon Sun and Moon Ultra Sun Booster Pack

While this series is not the most recent (2017, already!), it is full of rare and interesting cards for collectors and TCG players. Called Ultra Sun in Japan, includes the Pokémon Necrozma GX card, in its two forms: a rare and full art card that deserves to be collected and rightly so!

Lucky for you, there are still a few editions available in Japan, and we're here to ship it right to your door! It's now or never, soon the stock will be out!

  • Release date: December 8, 2017
  • Shipped from Japan in 72 hours
  • Japanese Official Cards
  • Reference number 4521329191768
  • SM5S Expansion Pack
  • 5 cards per pack

Find this series in boxes of 30 with the Pokémon Sun and Moon Ultra Sun Booster Box.