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Pokémon Sword & Shield Booster Pack: Darkness Ablaze

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Time to invade the TCG field with poisonous Pokémon while dealing big damage with Darkness Ablaze and the Vmax Ethernatus Sword and Shield Pokémon Booster Pack

In this Booster, you will find 5 cards from the sword and shield expansion pack, with the possibility of falling on Ethernatos V or Vmax. We tell you a little more about the specificities of this card a little further down ... you'll see, it's powerful.

Like all the products in our store, these are official products obtained from the Japanese Pokémon Center, which we ship within 72 hours. More exclusive than that, you won't find it! Of course, the cards are written in Japanese, but you can easily find the English translation on fan-sites.

In addition to the exclusive cards of this Booster, you may be lucky enough to have a Crobat V, Hoopa, Scrafty or Ariados.

  • Release date: June 5, 2020
  • Shipped from Japan in 72 hours
  • Japanese Official Cards
  • Reference number 4521329284033
  • S3 Expansion Pack
  • This Booster Pack contains 5 cards

Ethernatus Vmax Card

Increase the number of Poison Pokémon that can be benched and deal maximum damage! Due to the non-standard "Mugen Zone" feature, up to 8 Poison Pokémon can be benched! Additionally, the "Dread End" attack can deal a maximum of 270 non-standard damage with two poison energies.

Ethernatus V Card

240 damage for the Pokemon VMAX with the attack "Daimax Hou"! Also, the "Power Accelerator" attack can give poison energy to the Pokémon on the bench and advance the battlefield to your advantage.

Here you can find the Pokémon Sword and Blazing Dark Shield Booster Box.