Pokemon Theme Box : 25th Anniversary Golden Box

Pokemon Theme Box : 25th Anniversary Golden Box

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This is the most anticipated Theme Box of the year: the 25th Anniversary Golden Box is coming to your collection very soon!

This is the eighth subset of the Pokemon Sword & Shield era, which is also the Pokemon 25th Anniversary celebration set in Japan. All cards in this subset (S8a-G) will be Holographic, and will feature a 25th logo.

This 25th anniversary gold box contains 5 Promo Booster Pack of the 25th Anniversary edition, a golden Pikachu V card, a golden PokeBall card, a set of 60 cards including all the Holo cards, 64 sleeves, a game mat, a dice, condition markers, coin, game case, game mat case, and dice case.

  • Release date: 22th of October, 2021
  • Shipped from Japan within 72h
  • Official Japanese Cards
  • Theme Box S8a-G
  • Contains 1 Deck of 60 Cards
  • 3 cases (Mat, Dices and Cards)
  • 5 x 25th Anniversary PROMO Booster Packs
  • 1 pack of 64 sleeves
  • 1 Playmat, Gold metal dice, damage markers and a Pokemon coin