Pokemon Theme Box : Ice Glaceon VSTAR Special Card Set

Pokemon Theme Box : Ice Glaceon VSTAR Special Card Set

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100% Japanese unique box set including 8  “Star Birth” Booster packs, a Premium VSTAR card marker and 2 cards (Kira) Ice Glaceon V and Ice Glaceon V STAR

A unique kit that will allow you to have the excellent Glaceon V and Glaceon V STAR cards, all accompanied by 8 Star Birth booster packs. Something to start a quality collection!

Card Glaceon V

Glaceon is an Ice type and has 210HP

With the ability Frost Charge costing only one water energy, Glaceon V will allow you to search your deck for a water energy card, link it to that Pokemon, and finally shuffle your deck ( Be careful, it's only once per turn!). All of this also causing 30 points of damage!

The ability Freezing Wind thus costing 2 water energy and a colorless energy will cause 130 points of damage! Perfect to be able to do good damage at a lower cost.

Glaceon VSTAR Card

Evolved from Glaceon V, Glaceon VSTAR boasts 260 HP and with it comes a new batch of destructive spells.

The ability Icicle Shot, which requires 2 Water energy and 1 Colorless energy, will allow you to do 180 points of damage and also make it so that during the opponent's next turn, the Pokemon having defended will not be able to use its retreat.

This unique card has a special ability linked to the VSTAR series, the VSTAR Power, the latter will allow you to use any VSTAR ability but, so destructive is it that the latter is limited to once per game.

The VSTAR ability Crystal Star, costing you 2 Water energy and 1 Colorless energy causing 220 damage and applying immunity to damage and effects during the opponent's next turn. To be launched strategically of course!

As a Sword and Shield series product, all expansion packs released so far are included, one pack each, for a total of eight packs.

  • Release date: February 4, 2022
  • Shipped from Japan in 72h
  • Japanese Official Cards
  • Serial number: 4521329364780
  • Contains 8 Star Birth Booster Packs
  • 2 Glaceon PROMO Cards

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