Pokemon Theme Box : VMAX Special Set

Pokemon Theme Box : VMAX Special Set

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A unique box with 8 Booster and 4 Exclusive Pokemon Cards. Straight from Japan, here is the Pokémon Sword and Shield Vmax Special Theme Box.

What makes this pack unique is the guarantee of having one of the Pokemon Vmax Cards which are overpowered and accompanied by 3 energy cards to be able to execute the attacks without any problem. Here is a little taste, the name of the attacks is translated from Japanese (not found in French, let's say we are a little too early!)

As a product of the Sword and Shield series, all expansion packs released so far are included, one pack each, for a total of eight packs.

  • Release date: mid-January 2021
  • Shipped from Japan in 72 hours
  • Japanese Official Box
  • Reference Number 4521329306018
  • x8 Sword and Shield Boosters Packs
  • x1 Vmax Booster with a random Vmax card and 3 associated energies

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Dhelmise Vmax Card

Check out the practical "Bun Bun Chain" attack that allows you to attack your opponent's Pokemon bench while fine-tuning the damage with the number of plant energies. In addition, the "Die Anchor" attack can deal a large amount of damage, up to 240!

Cramorant Vmax card

A new "Daifunsha" attack throws as many coins as the amount of energy attached, and damages the number of fronts x 80! It's easy to use in any deck because you can use any type of energy.

Cinderace Vmax card

With the turn counter, he can add damage received from the previous turn up to 30 damage, and can use his own health, which is quite high. In addition, in the "Daika Endama" attack, you can burn your opponent by inflicting 170 damage!

Morpeko Vmax Card

The new attack "Daihouden", deals 180 damage to the opponent's Fighting Pokémon and 20 damage to all Pokémon in the bench! The highlight is that you can attack the Pokémon on the bench at the same time while firmly damaging the opponent's Fighting Pokémon.