Deck Pokémon Épée et Bouclier Pikachu

Pokémon Theme Deck: Pikachu V

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The Electric Deck featuring THE iconic Pokémon, Pikachu V, is here and waiting for you!

Fun fact : in the cartoon, Sasha's Pikachu is a male. We can tell because a female Pikachu has a lump at the end of the tail.
Pikachu V's attack, "Electric Circle", can be used with two lightning energies to deal 30 damage.

In addition to Pikachu V, this Japanese 60-card starter deck contains Electabuzz, Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos, Galvaran, Heliolisk, Yamper, Boltund and Pincurchin cards.

  • Release Date: July 10, 2019
  • Shipped from Japan in 72 hours
  • Japanese Official Cards
  • Reference number 4521329290010
  • 60 cards per starter deck pack