Deck Pokémon Épée et Bouclier Plante

Pokemon Theme Deck: Plant V

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The Plant-type Sword and Shield Starter Set and its Celebi V are waiting for you to master all your opponents.

Speaking of the types, poisons and herbs have a specific status in the frequency of types that many do not know about. The Grass / Poison mix is ??actually the second most common double type in the Pokémon universe after Normal / Flight. And the Plant type is overall the third most common type, just behind normal and water.

Would you like to create a deck with a Pokémon Plant base? This starter set V will be perfect for you. You will find there Roselia, Cottonee, Whimsicott, Durant, Grookey, Thwackey, Rillaboom and of course Celebi V.

  • Release Date: November 29, 2019
  • Shipped from Japan in 72 hours
  • Japanese Official Cards
  • Reference number 4521329266770
  • 60 cards per starter deck pack